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English Longbow Championships 2016

2015 Youth Commonwealth Games - Samoa




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5th - 11th September 2015

Comment from Lizzie taken from the WeareEngland website


 “I’m over the moon with the result at winning a Commonwealth Silver medal, I couldn’t have wished for anything better! I’m proud to have represented my country at these Games and bring a medal home for Team England.”

10th September 2015


Congratulations to Lizzie Warner on being the Silver Medallist in her category


Lizzie with a Bronze medal in the Mixed Team event (Lizzie Warner and Juhel Louis  from Mauritius)


Joe Ground made it through to the quarter finals

Samoa Day 4


Update from Paul


So a Silver medal in the bag!


I sat with Lizzie at breakfast and she was her normal self, bubbly and
smiling and looking forward to the day. You would not of known that she was
about to shoot for a place in the medal matches.


We got to the field in good time and as promised the field of play had been
transformed into a finals field, hides and all! I have to say they made a
good job of it.


The weather was cloudy, the most we have seen since we have been here but it did keep the temperature down throughout the day. We did have the occasional gust of wind but generally conditions were the best we could of hoped for, here in Samoa.


Lizzie's semi final match was shot second after the India, Bangladesh match.
India winning and therefore going into the gold medal match and rightly so
as she was the number one seed.


Lizzie had a good warm up and practice before her semi-final match and was ready to shoot. A lot of the England HQ team had turned up to watch and support Lizzie in her matches which was really good of them as they are always at full stretch.


Lizzie started well with her first arrow, however, on her second arrow those gusts of wind I mentioned came up and caught Lizzie's arrow just as she let go and we both had to watch it sail off to the side of the target.

My heart sank and I thought she might go into melt down. Next arrow straight
in the eight. No meltdown we were still in the game! Lizzie just got stronger and more confident beating the Malaysian and moving forward into that Gold medal match. At this point she was so focussed she had to be told that she had a medal in the bag but stayed focussed and was looking for the win.


The bronze medal match was shot next and the number three seed won.

Lizzie had a slow start to the match but got into her stride for the second
set but could not match the class of the Indian girl who had looked strong
throughout the event and was ranked number one. By this time there were a
good number of people watching and an atmosphere of banter and cheering
around the field of play which added another element. Lizzie shot well and
if you can call it defeat accepted the Silver place with grace.


Once all the attention came and congratulations I think Lizzie had trouble taking in what she had just done. She had a few interviews to do and a piece to camera for Samoan TV all of which she handled very well.


After lunch we came back to watch the mens semi's and finals along with most
of the other nations. Most of them had not intended to come back if they
were knocked out but I didn't think was right so had started a campaign of
sorts to shame them into coming and it worked. They all enjoyed it once

The matches were close except the semi final with the Tongan. He had lost
the form that he had the previous day to knock Joe out and was easily
beaten, He now is feeling the pain that Joe was/is going through.

There was a short delay before the medal ceremonies which were held on the
field of play. The mixed team event was awarded first before the Commonwealth Medals. The New CGF president Louise Martin attended and awarded the medals.


Following the end of the ceremonies there was a really good atmosphere with
lots of pictures being taken. Joe and Lizzie sought out all the officials and
Carol Hicks to say thank you for a great event whilst I grabbed the microphone to thank the Samoan volunteers.


It was a late departure from the field back to HQ. Once there you are a star
amongst your peers and Lizzie started to get more comfortable with all the
attention as time went by.

Each evening we have a ceremony at HQ with the whole team present to
acknowledge all those that have won a medal that day. Tonight was Lizzie's
chance to be recognised and applauded by her peers and it made me very proud
to stand in front of Team England and my peers to sing her praises and allow
her to add a Silver medal to the medal board we have been running.

As a treat I took them both out into Apia for dinner and we celebrated on
fish and chips, Samoan style!


Tomorrow we are going to go and visit a local school and spend a few hours
with them running a few activities, then we have the closing ceremony in the
evening. Time has gone very fast as it always does when competition starts and
we are having to think about packing our bags and coming home already.


I will leave Samoa having learnt alot and with some great memories.


I could not have asked for two better young adults to take to the other side of the world and compete in a such a high pressure competition.


I hope, I know they will leave Samoa the same as me!


Both have experienced something very special that not many people will ever get to do!

Samoa Day 3


Update from Paul


Well what a day!!
Elite sport has extreme highs and lows and we had both today!!

The day started with the mixed team semi finals and medal matches. Joe and his team member had been knocked out by team Brandalina in the one eighths round and today Lizzie  and her team member from Mauritius had drawn Brandalina in the semi finals match.


Brandalina were successful again and Lizzie and Juhel were pushed into the bronze medal match against Team NewMan made up of Charlotte Harris from the Isle of Man and Chasye Martin from New Zealand. On this occasion Lizzie and Juhel were successful  and they won their match 5/4 with a shoot off to take the Bronze medal.

We then had to reset for the main event which was the eighths and quarter
final matches for both Joe and Lizzie. Due to them both ranking second in
the qualification round they had byes in the eights.

Lizzie was up first and she shot her bye as per match rules to have some
practice and have the opportunity to work out what the wind was doing.
Yes the wind was back in force which was a shame as it did catch out everybody at some point. Did it affect the result at the end of the day, probably not  but it would have probably produced closer matches and happier archers if the conditions had been calmer.

Lizzie then went into her quarter final match against Tonga. Second arrow of
her first scoring end missed but it didn't phase Lizzie she shot the next
arrow straight into the 9. The match was close but she won and moves onto
the semi finals tomorrow. Another step closer to a medal!

Joe was in the same position, shooting his bye and then into his quarter
final match against the Tongan, Arne Jensen. Joe shot well, 26,26,26,27 but
Arne was having the shoot of his life and kept stealing one or two points
each match over Joe, eventually beating him and knocking him out of the


On the day Joe was beaten by a better archer and tomorrow we will go
back and support Arne so that hopefully we can say Joe was knocked out by
the Gold medal winner.


At this point Wales and Scotland men were also knocked out so Lizzie is the
only home nation archer still in the competition and the most successful
with that bronze.


7th September 2015


Update from Paul


We officially started day 1 of competition today with official practice and equipment inspection.


Today started extremely hot with an absolutely clear sky which has lasted all day. It has been clouding up in the afternoon most days which takes the edge of it a bit.


We arrived at the  field early to no wind which was heaven for Joe and Lizzie to practice in but was short lived as the stillness gave way to a breeze which by 2pm was back to the normal Samoan wind.


Both Joe and Lizzie followed their plan today for practice. Joe shooting a short session in the morning and then restarting mid afternoon when the men are scheduled to have their H2H matches in the coming days.

Lizzie shot the number of arrows she had set herself, using both bows and testing shots in the strong wind. both are happy with their sessions and just want to get some scores on paper. Both have been spurred on by the stream of updates of England medals being won throughout the day. The day has ended with 3 golds, 1 silver and 3 Bronze. A great start on the first day!


Temperatures have been severe today and one archer( not Joe or Lizzie ) required medical assistance due to heatstroke. One phone call to HQ and they had ice and towels to me on the field within 20 mins. Carole Hicks ( TD ) has now insisted that ice is available on the field of play at all times.


Tomorrow we have the qualification round in the morning and  from that Teams will be made up for the mixed team round in the afternoon. matches will be shot through to the quarter final stage.


Well thats all from me today.

6th September 2015


Update from Paul


Another scorcher of a day in Samoa but as each day goes by we are getting more accustomed to it.

Last night we attended the opening ceremony which was well attended by the locals. It was a fabulous site to see the teams all parading in and watching Joe and Lizzie experience this for the first time. I can remember my first time ( Delhi ) only 5 years ago as if it was yesterday! they both had a great time and Samoa certainly put on a show.


Samoa is a very religious country and today being Sunday the island quietens down considerably. No shops open etc, its all about going to church and time with their family. All our facilities have remained open for the Games and we have had a light practice session this morning with the afternoon off. England Rugby 7's had a practice match against Australia in the afternoon so went along to watch and support, One Team!


I have sat with Joe and Lizzie on a one to one basis to discuss the coming week. Both are very focussed and know what they want. We have between us a robust plan in place, win or lose we are confident that  everything  that can be prepared for is in place. We are good to go.

Tuesday AM is the individual qualification round, 720, shot at 60 metres. The afternoon is the mixed team elimination rounds and quarter finals. This is a non Commonwealth medal event but will be rewarded. They are mixing countries up by taking the highest ranked female archer from the qualification round and putting them with the lowest ranked male archer from the qualification round and making the teams in this manner. We have an in balance in numbers so I am waiting to see which option they take to make it work.


The first medals will be decided here tomorrow in the Javelin event of which England have a competitor so fingers crossed. Our medals will not be decided until Thursday, Women in the mornings and men in the afternoon.


Ryan Pinder from Wales has been practicing with us since he arrived and appears to be in good form and enjoying the experience. Isle of Man and Team Scotland have also been present on the practice field each day. there has been a good atmosphere between the Team Leaders, catching up with old friends, making new ones and sharing info to make all our lives and that of our athletes easier.


27th July 2015


Samoan 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games Organising Committee Facebook and Twitter feeds.





6th June 2015


A note from Lizzie Warner on being selected to represent England
at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa

I’m overwhelmed at the opportunity and just can’t wait to go. I still can hardly believe it. Some of the other girls were shooting really well at the start of the season and I’d gone to the selection shoot without any expectations. At the end of the first day I’d achieved the scores I’d aimed for and found I was in the lead. I didn’t do so well in the morning of the 2nd day and Eleanor had overtaken me at the half way point, but I told myself at lunchtime how much I really wanted to go to Samoa and in the afternoon I shot well and won the competition.


 I’ve been shooting since just before my 9th birthday when I did a beginners course with Kirby Muxloe AC.  My Dad, bother and sister have all been archers both Andrew and Sarah shooting for the county junior team and Sarah for the seniors.


I shot for the county juniors when I was 10 and for the East Midlands at 12.  I’ve also done well in national competitions over the years. Last year I won the under 16 national outdoor championships and was runner-up indoors.  I’ve shot for England 4 times in both the indoor and outdoor Home Nations and in the Euronations but the furthest I’ve gone so far is South Wales.


I’m hoping to do well in the Commonwealth Youth Games. At Welbeck I broke the national record for the round that we’ll be shooting in Samoa so I hope that’s a good sign.


I’m going to America shortly with GB for the World Youth Championships. It’s the first time I’ve shot for GB so that too will be a great experience.


The Commonwealth Youth Games though is going to be something completely different. I’m looking forward to meeting other top class athletes from other sports and sharing experiences. It’s going to be exciting going to the other side of the world and seeing another culture.

30th May 2015
A note from Joe Ground on being selected to represent England at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa
I started archery just before my tenth birthday after enjoying a have-a-go session at a village fete, I then started a beginners course and joined Thorpe Hamlet Juniors. I won my first National Championships at the age of ten and since then I have won four more national championships and I have claimed four national records. Last year was my most successful so far, I represented Great Britain on three occasions, the European Youth Championships in Ljbubliana, Slovenia, where I won gold with the cadet men team, the Europa Cup final in Moscow, Russia where we won gold again and the International Archery Festa in Seoul, South Korea.
My overall ambition is to represent Great Britain at the Olympics and to win an Olympic Gold Medal.
Being selected to compete for Team England at Samoa is a great achievement for me, and I am really excited to be given this opportunity. I am also looking forward to competing at a multi-sport event and watching other top athletes in their respective sports.

20th May 2015


SAMOA 2015 – England Team Announced
The English Archery Federation (EAF) are pleased to be able to announce the names of the two young archers who will be representing England at the Commonwealth Youth Games this year. Joe Ground (SCAS) and Lizzie Warner (EMAS), after a rigorous selection process over two weekends at Lilleshall, fought through the talented competition to emerge as the two cadet archers who will be proudly wearing the Red Lion in Samoa in September.
The selection shoots were completed by early May, following which, Commonwealth Games England conducted a thorough ratification process prior to the names being released. The England Archery Team are the first of all the England teams travelling to Samoa to be announced. Team Manager, Paul Atkins, stated he was extremely proud to be part of Team England and able to take out two very competitive archers. “They really are two exceptional young people and brilliant archers, who deserve every success”.
EAF Chairman, Marc Grady, congratulated them on their success and paid tribute to all the archers who went through the selection shoots, “we have some really tremendous young archers in England and to be able to give Joe and Lizzie the opportunity to represent the country is a great honour”. He also recommended that all archers, family and friends follow Joe’s and Lizzie’s progress along with the build-up and games time information on the We are England website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Go Joe and Lizzie!
The non travelling reserves are Eleanor Piper and Alex Body
Commonwealth Games England website  www.weareengland.org
Congratulations to Lizzie Warner & Joe Ground

5th May 2015


The second selection shoot for the Commonwealth Youth Games to be held in Samoa took place at Lilleshall on the 4th May.  The names of those selected and reserves will be published following ratification by Commonwealth Games England.

SS2 report-2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [35.9 KB]

27th April 2015


1st Selection Shoot at Lilleshall 25th April


The first part of the selection process  was held at Lilleshall on Saturday 25th April.  6 male and 8 female junior recurve archers took part.  The top 4 in each category will go forward to the second selection shoot on May 4th.  The team of 1 male and 1 female plus non travelling reserves will be decided.

The selection shoot was held alongside the AGB British Teams selection process for various forthcoming senior and junior events.

The weather went from bright sunshine to heavy rain and was windy all day.

20th January 2015


The English Archery Federation is delighted to announce that Paul Atkins has been appointed as the Archery Team Leader for the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa 5 - 11th September.

Paul's appointment has been ratified by Commonwealth Games England, who will be sending the Youth Team to Samoa, where Archery is one of only 9 sports on the programme. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase archery within the Commonwealth Games Federation of sports. The Archery Team, of 2 Recurve Cadets, one boy and one girl,  will be selected in May from a entry of 14 young archers who submitted their scores in November last year.

Paul is well known to Commonwealth Games England having been a member of the management team for the 2010 Games in Delhi, when Archery topped the England Medal Table. Paul was then appointed as the Paralympic Team Leader for the 2012 London Paralympic Games. He has been a keen supporter of the EAF, working with his wife Vikki at EAF training sessions at Eaton Manor.


Paul is also an active compound archer and can be seen at many events both as a competitor or a member of an AGB work party.

We wish Paul and the archers selected to compete in Samoa the very best of luck, shoot straight, shoot strong - We Are England !

The Games are scheduled for early September 2015


There are 9 sports in the Youth Games, including Archery.

The archery team will comprise 1 female and 1 male (age 14 to 17) plus a team leader.


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