English Longbow Championships 2016
English Longbow Championships 2016
WE HAVE MOVED TO https://archeryengland.org/
WE HAVE MOVED TO https://archeryengland.org/

EAF   Management Team

Chairman Marc Grady chairman@englisharcheryfederation.org
Secretary Lynne Evans secretary@englisharcheryfederation.org
Treasurer Carol Bladen carolbladen@gmail.com
Team Selection Panel teamselection@englisharcheryfederation.org
Senior Target Team Management Carol & Malcolm Lewis teammanager@englisharcheryfederation.org
Junior Team Management Tyler Fyfe juniormanager@englisharcheryfederation.org
English Crosses Andy Wilkinson crosses@englisharcheryfederation.org
Webmaster TBA webmaster@englisharcheryfederation.org      
Field Team Manager Michaela Lake fieldteammanager@englisharcherfederation.org
Safeguarding Carol Bladen TBA
Communication Officer Peter Bladen TBA

EAF Regional Reps

Can be contacted via these e-mail addresses

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