English Longbow Championships 2016
English Longbow Championships 2016

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English Longbow Championships Results of 13th July 2019
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25th July 2019


Message from the Chairman – Archery England, Marc Grady


My deepest and sincere apologies for not being with you today as planned.

I was dearly looking forward to shooting with you on what for me is a highlight in the archery calendar and the best bit – the awarding of trophies – must now rest with another.

Unfortunately, a conflict of archery interests left me left me with a conundrum, the only resolution of which, was to be elsewhere today.

Those that have been shooting this championship since I re-introduced it in Herefordshire 5 years ago, will recall that each year I stress the importance of this event, “The English Longbow Championships”. There is no other national Championship for longbow archers; nothing else can by provide an opportunity to reward the best archers in England with the title “English Champion”! It is my hope, that as and when we can, should we put a National Longbow team together to compete against another nation, I would in the first instance, select the team from the performances at this Championship. So you see, it has real relevance in todays’ Longbow calendar, and I’d ask you to return to your clubs, counties and regions and extol the importance of today, along with your pleasure and enjoyment in shooting with great friends and on such a tremendous field, (whose club name just resonates with Longbow!)

I sincerely wish you all every success today, and that you all shoot your very best. However, and we mustn’t forget this; pots, medals and titles are only one of the rewards for entering a Longbow competition. The greatest and overriding reward, however, is the participation and the delight in shooting once again, with honest and true target companions.

Have great day

Marc Grady

Chairman Archery England and devoted Longbow Archer!

Archery England

Serving the five regions of the  English Archery Federation

27th May 2019


The Archery England (EAF) 2019 Longbow Championship will take place once again at the Sherwood Archers shooting ground on Saturday 13 July 2019.


Please see the link below for details and Entry Form.




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