English Longbow Championships 2016
English Longbow Championships 2016
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Selection criteria for Junior and Cadet Archers

12th December 2018


NEW Following the AGM on 24th November 2018

Criteria Number 8 and 9

Are amended as follows


Section 8 Revised Criteria was approved at the AGM on 24th November 2018


2019 Youth Festival 

Revision of the criteria may be required following a consultation with AGB.


Preference will be given to three age appropriate 720 rounds with the proviso that

1 WA 1440 (Record Status) would be considered.

Thus allowing archers to prepare year on year and that the emphasis in 2019

would prepare for a move to only WA 720 for 2020.

The Proposal for the 2019 Commonwealth Youth Championships Europe & Euro Nations

2 x 720 round appropriate to age at the time of the CJEC event -

6 dozen round at one distance

1 x WA 1440, Metric 1 to Metric 3 (male)              12 dozen round at 4 distances

1 x WA 1440, Metric 1 to Metric 4 (female)           12 dozen round at 4 distances 


Preference will be given to those who submit scores appropriate to age at the time of the CJEC event and to those able to submit 3 x 720 scores.



Section 9 Amended 24th November 2018             

9    The Following Selection Criteria for Junior Archers was approved by the    

          Archery England AGM on 24th November 2018


2019 Junior Home Nation Match at the National Indoor


3 Record Status Portsmouth Rounds

The Committee is aware that there are a limited number of RS Portsmouth events across the country

Therefore, Archers may submit 2 RS Portsmouth scores with a third score from a RS WA 18 shoot.

Priority would be given to all Portsmouth scores as this is the round to be shot



January 2018

Sections 8 & 9 Amended November 2018

See entries above


               1.            The minimum age for selection to a team (male/female) is 13 years old at any point in the year of the event. The maximum age on the day of the event is 18 apart from the Commonwealth Junior Europe Championships (formerly Junior Euronations) (CJEC) shoot when WA Juniors will be accepted up to the age of 21.


                2.            Score submissions will only be accepted if received by 6 pm on the cut-off date on the appropriate form and must be typed.  A computer-generated signature is sufficient.

(See Cut-off date information on Junior Target page)


                3.            All submissions must be in Word or PDF format and made on the prescribed form available on the web site and sent to: teamselection@englisharcheryfederation.org    All submissions will be acknowledged.


               4.            Archers will be entered into the round appropriate to their age at the time of the event.

                5.             All scores must be from UK or WA Record Status events and may be from “closed” events such as the UK Junior Masters or an international event where an archer is NOT representing GB.  Scores for submission must have been achieved in the period from the previous year’s cut -off date through to the published cut-off date in the current year; where practical submissions should include score(s) from the current season.

6.            Score submissions for the Outdoor and Indoor Home Nations tournaments are open to all qualified English Archers who are affiliated to an English Region and have not represented GB either indoors or outdoors in the 12 months prior to the event for which scores are submitted. Any archer who submits scores for an event and is then called upon to represent GB as an official GB team member, must immediately inform the Team Selector at email address at 3 above.


7.            Junior Home Nations Outdoor Tournament
(incorporated in the Junior National Outdoor Championship, July)

Three scores from the rounds below (Record Status)

Metric 12 dozen round at 4 distances

WA 1440, Metric 1 to Metric 3 (male)

WA 1440, Metric 1 to Metric 4 (female)

Imperial 12 dozen round at 3 distances

York/Hereford and /or Bristol 1 to Bristol 3 (male)            

York/Hereford and /or Bristol 1 to Bristol 4 (female)

Preference will be given to those who submit metric scores submitted for the rounds they will be shooting at the event but imperial rounds will also be considered.


               8.            Commonwealth Junior Europe Championships


                                   Has been amended see begining of this section


                          Section 9 Amended 24th November 2018    


                                  Has been amended see begining of this section



                10.          Offers of a place on the team will be made by the Team Selection Co-ordinator(TSC), with a standard letter requesting a response by return.


                11.          The TSC will pass details of team members to the Team Managers.

Until all acceptances have been received there will be an embargo on publication


                12.          Once all places have been accepted, those who have not been successful will be contacted by the TSC thanking them for their submission.

                 13.          The ranking list, with team members marked, along with the non-travelling reserves, will be sent to Regional Representatives and the web-master for publication.

Details will include: Name, Club, County and Region.


The above criteria will be reviewed annually at the EAF November Committee Meeting


ARTICLE 25 of the Commonwealth Games Federation Constitution.


1.         Subject to Article 25 (2) as a condition of entry to compete in the Commonwealth Games, all competitors must be citizens or subjects of The Commonwealth Country that enters them and must:

  1. Not be currently under disqualification or suspension by the Federation, or their respective Affiliated CGA or IF or under the World Anti-Doping Code;16
  1. Comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Federation, their respective IFs and the World Anti-Doping Code as may be modified and applied by the Federation to ensure that the overriding principles of the Commonwealth Games are observed

2.           Subject to Article 25 (3), where a competitor was born in a Commonwealth  Country that has common citizenship/passport with other Commonwealth Countries, the competitor may initially represent either the competitor's Commonwealth Country of birth or the Commonwealth Country of birth of his or her father or mother that shares the same citizenship/passport.


3.        After having represented one Commonwealth Country at the Commonwealth Games, a competitor may not represent another Commonwealth Country unless he or she receives the approval of the Federation, the relevant IF and the Affiliated CGAs of the two Commonwealth Countries concerned.

Applications under this article must be submitted to the Executive Board at least 12 months prior to the commencement of the Games.

4           It is the responsibility of all Affiliated CGAs to ensure that their competitors are fully aware of and comply with the eligibility rules of the Federation.

 5             The Executive Board (CGA) shall have the power to waive the provisions of Articles 25 (13) in its discretion.

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