English Longbow Championships 2016
English Longbow Championships 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

January 2018


Q: How many scores are required?

 A: Selection Criteria: Applicants must submit 3 Record Status scores relevant to the event


 Q: Why is there a minimum age for Junior Team Members?

 A: In consultation with our member regions, our team managers and our professionally qualified safeguarding advisor, the minimum age of 13 was agreed.  


 There is no cut off regarding the birth date; the age requirement is the year in which an archer is 13. 


Q: What is the minimum age for Senior Team Members?


 A: The EAF Committee has set the minimum age for senior team members at 18 at the time of the event.

 The main reasons for this decision are:

 18 is the age of consent;

 All EAF officers and Team Leaders are volunteers and are supported through the English Regions to select and lead archers in the various events where Team England competes; 

 At all Record Status events, there is a possibility that archers may be required to undergo doping control tests and minors would require an event appointed chaperone to be present.  A Team Manager would have other duties to perform and would not be available to devote duty of care to the team member undergoing tests.

 Where it is necessary for the Team to stay in hotel accommodation it would not be acceptable to allow a minor to share with an unrelated adult, again chaperones would be required.

A junior who has reached the age of 18 at the time of the event will be eligible for selection to a senior event even if they have represented GB as an official JUNIOR team member in the 12 months prior to the event.


 Q: Rounds for Indoor Selection – Junior

 A: Applicants are asked to submit scores relevant to the event, therefore, as the round to be shot is a Portsmouth then three Record Status Portsmouth scores should be submitted.


 Q: Cut off dates for Home Nations Matches?


A: Cut off dates are shown on the Senior and Junior Target pages and are non-negotiable.

Home Nations matches are run within relevant AGB National Tournaments. Tournament Organisers have now requested that Home Nations supply team details earlier than in the past for both senior and junior events.   All applicants are required to have made an entry to the event via Sport 80 before submitting scores, those who make the team will have their entry fees (or part thereof) refunded. 


 Q: Can I submit a 720 or double 720 or must it be a WA1440?


A: Where the criteria states WA 1440 scores are required then a 720 or a double 720 (or relevant 6 dozen metric round) will not be accepted. The WA1440 (previously known as the FITA Round) is a different discipline with 4 distances to be shot on two different size faces as opposed to 12 dozen at one distance on one size face.


 Q: Can I submit multiple forms? i.e.  having sent in 3 scores, can I then send in more later in the year?


 A:  Yes, you can always update your submission before the closing date with better scores.  You need only to send an email but please give all the relevant details of the shoot and score obtained, indicating that these are the ones you wish to have considered for selection.


 Q:  I would like to submit scores again for this year’s Junior Home Nations and Commonwealth Junior Europe Championships (formerly Junior Euronations). Is there a preference for the rounds that need to be submitted for each event, and the number of rounds? Also do they need to be record status scores?


 A: The criteria states that the event must be Record Status, and wherever possible the scores submitted must be the same as the round/s to be shot at the event / championship in question.




Should you have any further queries please apply to your Regional Representative contact details can be found on the EAF Management Page

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