English Longbow Championships 2016
English Longbow Championships 2016


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18th Oct  2019


Teams announced for the Senior and Junior indoor Home Nations Matches

See Senior or Junior Target Pages

8th Aug 2019


Report and results of the 2019 Youth Festival can be found on the

Commonwealth Archery Europe / Euronations page

25th July 2019


Results of the English Longbow Championship 2019 can be found on the Longbow page with a message from the Chairman of Archery England

22nd July 2019


Report on the All British Field Championships an be found on the Field Page

20th July 2019

2019 National Indoor Championships


See Senior / Junior Target pages for details of rounds required and submission cut-off dates.

12th July 2019


Entry Form for the 2019 English Field Championships in September can be found on the Field Page

11th July 2019


Field Team Manager Appointed


The Archery England Committee are delighted to announce the appointment of Michaela Lake as the Team Manager for the Field Team England.  Not only as the Team Manager for the recent ABFC held in Northern Ireland, but also as a member of the Team.  The English Field Championships will be held in September and the entry form will be available on the Field Section of the Web-site to download.


See Field Page

11th July 2019



2019 Youth Festival - Mixed Team Event


Archery England has now entered WA Junior Teams (one compound and one recurve) for the Youth Festival Mixed Team event.
The team members for WA Junior Recurve are Jacob Reid and Hannah Evans.
The Compound team members are Lewis Haslam and Jenny Bryan.
The rationale behind their selection is explained below.


The Youth Commonwealth Championships has been prepared to reflect the Youth (Olympic and Commonwealth) International Format and the AGB Tournament Organiser introduced the 'Mixed Team event' to be held on the Tuesday of the Youth Festival. Junior mixed teams and cub teams were also possible but it was only the cadet teams to be selected for the (Euronations)Commonwealth Europe Championships


The AGB Tournament Organiser, on seeing the good response for Junior teams (up to the age of 20), has asked if the English Archery Federation could also enter a Junior mixed recurve and a Junior mixed compound team. (The next WA age group up). The Youth Festival will also host a cub pairs team event - Archery England does not select archers for this age category due to the policies on safeguarding.


In the limited time available to select a Junior Mixed Team for both Recurve & Compound the following proposal has been agreed by the Archery England Executive for this year only.


As no WA junior age scores were requested this year and WA recurve Juniors shoot 70m instead of 60m, the selection committee looked at scores submitted last year. There were some recurves who were in the team last year but were too old to apply for the cadet team this year and are now WA Juniors shooting 70m. The selection committee made their selection in line with EAF guidelines.


This selection process was not possible for the Compound team as last year there were no submissions available from compound archers who are now of WA Junior age .The selection committee has proposed that this year's compound cadet reserves be given the opportunity to be in the Junior team. As cadet and Junior compounds both shoot 50m there is not a problem of having to shoot a further distance as was the case with the recurve archers.


25th June 2019


2022 Commonwealth Games - Birmingham


It is with great disappointment I have to report that our bid to have Archery included as an optional sport, in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, was rejected. It is a regret and a frustration to have to convey this, as I know our bid was as strong and as comprehensive as it could have been; firmly and honestly addressing the Commonwealth Games Federation’s and the Birmingham Games Organisation’s, conditions and prerequisites. We convened the best Bid and Presentation teams, including Tom Dielen from World Archery, Hilda Gibson from Commonwealth Games England, Naomi Folkard, our current most outstanding English Archer and Neil Armitage from AGB, and I firmly believe it was not for lack of detail, focus or commitment that the bid failed. The bid was thorough and vibrant, and explained our sport’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity and legacy; along with the far reach that Archery has across the Commonwealth, its participation and engagement, the funding to stage and realise, and the benefits to Birmingham.


Despite the failure to be selected, I remain very proud of our bid demonstrating that we embarked upon and delivered the very best proposal we could.


A lot of work, meetings, conference calls and emails were undertaken during the better part of a year to draw the bid together and I would like to formally thank all those involved. My special thanks, however, go to Hilda Gibson, for without her experience and deep knowledge of the sport, along with her ambassadorial wisdom and professionalism, the bid would have been very much the lesser.

Finally, and notwithstanding my low mood at the outcome of the decision, I propose Archery’s very best wishes to all the sports selected and hope that they, and Birmingham, do England proud.


Marc Grady


Archery England

23rd June 2019


Team England change of members for the Senior Home Nations Match


See Senior Target Page

21st June 2019


Team England announced for the Senior Home Nations Match


See Senior Target Page

27th May 2019


The Archery England (EAF) 2019 Longbow Championship will take place once again at the Sherwood Archers shooting ground on Saturday 13 July 2019.


Go to the Longbow Page for the entry form

18th May 2019


Team England for the 2019 All British & Open Championships can be found on the Field page

4th May 2019


Entry form for the 2019 British Field Championships can be found on the Field page

25th April 2019


Team announced for Junior Home Nations Match

and Junior Commonwealth/Euronations

See Junior Target Page

15th March 2019

EAF Cut-off Date Change for Junior Home Nations Match


Change of EAF Cut-off date for the Junioir Home Nations Match to 9th April 2019


Junior Commonwealth/Euronations cut-off date remains unchanged at 2nd April 2019


See Junior Target Page

9th March 2019


2019 English Target Championships


The 2019 EAF Target Championships will take place on the 3rd August and form part of the 57th Cheshire Archery Association Weekend, hosted by Cheshire Archery Association and Neston Company of Archers.


The venue is Wirral Rugby & Cricket Club, Thornton Common Road, Clatterbridge, Wirral. CH63 0LT


Further details are available  on the Cheshire Archery association web site



Any club wishing to host the event in 2020 please contact the EAF Secretary.

Organisers will need to know by October 2019

6th February 2019


Cut off Dates for 2019 - See Junior and Senior Target Pages

16th January 2019




The 2019 dates for final submission of scores for selection for both Senior and Junior Teams will be
announced following the EAF Meeting on 2nd February 2019.


5th December 2018



The Team Selection Coordinators have advised that:


The 2019 dates for final submission of scores for selection for both Senior and Junior Teams will be announced following the EAF Meeting on 2nd February 2019.


Two new pages have been added to the website -


GDPR Statement

Social Media Protocols

4th December 2018




English Archery Federation moves forward with Archery England


At the EAF AGM held Saturday 24th November 2018, it was unanimously agreed and voted that the EAF market and promote the Federation under the term ‘Archery England’.


Chairman Marc Grady said, “I’m proud to announce that as we progress our bid for the inclusion of Archery into the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the EAF is better served when dealing with government, local authority agencies and potential sponsors, in stating at the outset who we are and what we do. Archery England clearly does this.”


He went on to state, “No one should be concerned that we are losing the prestige and heritage that the EAF has built over the past four decades. The EAF still exists; we remain the federation of the English Regions, proudly wearing our familiar garter badge, it is simply that future communications and marketing will be under the banner of Archery England.”  


English archers can look forward to being selected to shoot for Archery England, new clothing designs, a new web page and a range of promotional and marketing paraphernalia in the months to come.

4th December 2018


Late Results - English Field Championships and John Hartfield memorial shoot
Daventry Rugby Club, Western Road, Daventry, Northamptonshire
Round: 24 unmarked & 24 Marked
19th and 20th May 2018


See Field Page

15th October 2018


Senior & Junior Teams Announced for the Home Nations Indoor Matches


See Senior & Junior Target Page



9th September 2018


Important Notice re English Crosses - Please see Crosses Page

1st August 2018


Results of the Junior Euronations match plus photos can be found on the Junior Target Page.

26th July 2018


Changes to Team England for the senior Home Nations match and Commonwealth Europe

- see senior target page

21st June 2018


Team England announced for the senior Home Nations match - see senior target page

11th June 2018

Changes to the Senior Commonwealth Europe/Euronation Team


Tom Hall has withdrawn from the team. David Timmins moves into the team and Tom Barber is the reserve for the Senior Gents Recurve team.


11th June 2018


Changes to the Junior Home Nations Team


Congratulations to Jenny Bryan who has been selected to represent GB at the European Youth Championships in Greece 26th June to 1st July.


Chloe A'Bear will now represent England at the Junior Home Nations match and Holly Hunter is now the reserve for the Junior Lady Compound team.

6th June 2018


Team England announced for the 2018 Senior Commonwealth Europe / Euronations

See Commonwealth Europe / Euronations or Senior Target Page

31st May 2018


British Field Championships - Home Nations - See Field Archery page for the results

17th May 2018


See Commonwealth Archry Europe / Euronations page for the 2018 Invitation pack. - Hosted by Sherwood Archers, Nottinghamshire - World Record Status - 17th -19th August 2018.


See Clout page for 2018 EAF Clout Championships to be hosted by Neston Co. of Archers on 26th August

20th April 2018


Junior England Teams announced for the 2018 Junior Home Nations Match

and the 2018 Junior Commonwealth Europe Championship.


See Junior Target page.

3rd April 2018




2018 Junior Commonwealth Archery Europe - Lilleshall


The Junior Commonwealth Europe competition will be held during the 2018 Youth Festival at Lilleshall . 

There will be a 6 doz round plus a mixed team event. On this occasion the round to be shot will be WA720 60m (recurve) and WA720m 50m (compound). 


The  Junior Commonwealth Europe competition event will be for Cadet archers only, Eligible Archers will be those who are under 17 years old or become 17 in 2018 ie they cannot become 18 in 2018 


18th March 2018


New forms for English Crosses added to the website (English Cross page).  These comply with the 2018 Data Protection regulation.

16th March 2018


Link to the 2018 Field Championships on the Field Page

21st January 2018


Revised Selection Criteria for Junior and Senior events have been added to the relevant pages.

Revised Score submission forms added to the Selection Criteria page for Junior and Senior events.

Updated FAQ's.


12th December 2017


The 2018 EAF Longbow Championships will take place on the 14th July 2018. The host once again will be Sherwood Archers at their Maythorne Cottage Field at Lower Kirklington Road, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0RR.


See Longbow Page for details and link to entry form

8th December 2017


Results of the Senior Home Nations match can be found on the Senior Target Page

3rd December 2017


Selection Criteria / FAQs and Submission Forms are under review, will be updated early in 2018

3rd December 2017


Congratulations to Junior Team England on winning the Home Nations match at the Junior National Indoor Championships.


Team members were: Jacob Boden, Marc Charlesworth, Eleanor Cole, Ella Gibson, Imogen Newby and Nathan Thomas.


England       3416

Wales           3316

Scotland      3181

N. Ireland     3133

2nd December 2017


The English Target Championships will be held during the "Cheshire Weekend" on the 4th August 2018


23rd October 2017


Senior Team Announced for the Home Nations Indoor Match


See Senior Target Page

19th October 2017


Junior Team Announced for the Home Nations Indoor Match


See Junior Target Page

13th September 2017


EAF Clout Championships 2017 results


See Clout Page

12th September 2017




Junior cut-off date for submission to the EAF is 6pm 3rd October

Senior cut off date for submission to the EAF is 6pm 9th October


From the AGB Prospectus

This event will host the Home Nations matches
Team Managers should be aware that spaces will be reserved for their teams,

however, on the closing date, any unfilled spaces WILL be handed over to archers on the waiting list.


Archers expecting to be part of a team should still submit an entry along with payment via Sport 80 to guarantee their space before the closing date


10th August 2017


Results of the English Target Championships held on the 5th August at the Cheshire Weekend


See Senior Target Page

26th July 2017


Sarah Bettles has withdrawn from the Home Nations team; she has been selected to represent GB at the Berlin World Cup Stage 4. The EAF wishes her success at the event.   Sarah's place on the team will be taken up by the reserve Wendy Aubrey.

21st July 2017


Treasurer to the EAF required – Urgent.


See Vacancies page for details.

Results of the English Longbow Championships - Longbow page

20th July 2017


Photo Gallery added to Longbow page

19th July 2017


Results of the 2017 Commonwealth Europe Championships incorporating Euronations, and the first EAF Series, held at RN South Coast Archers . see Commonwealth Archery Europe page.

18th July 2017


Results of the English Field Championships are available on the Field page

5th July 2017

Extract of EAF Chairman's letter to bidding Councils for the 2022 Games
Commonwealth Games 2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [210.0 KB]

Some photos from the day can be seen in the gallery sub page of the 2017 Commonwealth Archery Europe page,

more photos to follow

21st June 2017


Team England announced for the 2017 Senior Home Nations Match

7th June 2017


Team England announced for the 2017 Commonwealth Europe Championships incorporating Euronations, being held at RN South Coast Archers .

31st May 2017


The time for submission of scores expires at 6pm on the cut-off date. 


Archers can submit their scores on the appropriate form at any time during the year.

Improved scores can then be submiited via e-mail to the Team Selection Co-ordinator before the cutoff date for the relevant event. 


Details of score achieved and event is all that will be required for the update.

18th May 2017


Team England Announced for the 50th All British and Open Field Championships to be held at Pentref Bowmen, Llwynypia, South Wales on 27th & 28th May 2017.  See Field Page for details.

2nd May 2017


Invitation Pack added in the 2017 Commonwealth Archery Championship Page.

Giving more details of the event.

27th April 2017


New Page added "EAF Series"

26th April 2017


Inaugural EAF H2H Tournament to be held at RN South Coast Archers on 2nd July 2017.

At H.M.S Sultan Polo Field Military Rd Gosport Hants PO12 3TR
World Record Status WA720 and Head 2 Head

Full details on the entry form.


    See Senior Target or 2017 Commonwealth Archery Europe pages for entry form.

20th April 2017




Junior Euronations 2017 & 2018


        There will be no Junior Euronations in 2017 because we have been unable to find a slot in this years busy archery calendar that is suitable for all competing teams. However plans for the event in 2018 are already well advanced and it will be incorporated within the UK Junior Masters which will be held at a location and date to be decided in 2018. More details will be made available nearer the date but we call upon the Team Managers of all Euronations to prepare their teams for the return of this prestigious tournament.

15th April 2017


The Home Nations team announced for the Junior Nationsl to be held at Lilleshal on the 1st & 2nd of July 2017.  See Junior Target page.

11th April 2017


Commonwealth Archery Championships Europe inorporating Euronations


New Page added giving details of the competition.

31st March 2017




Great opportunity for archers under 17 to achieve UK Record Status scores.

Cheshire Archery Association are hosting a Junior and Cadet Championships at the Alsager Company of Archers ground on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border. The event will take place on Saturday 8th July 2017 and will consist of 70m 720, 60m 720 and 50m 720 with head to heads.


Details can be found on the entry form.  -  See Junior Target page

14th March 2017


New Secretary for the EAF


The EAF Executive are pleased to announce that it has been successful in finding a new Secretary.

Mrs Lynne Evans MBE, who was our secretary from 2011, stood down at the last AGM to focus on her wider charitable work.

We all owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her expertise, application and industry in the role and is hoped she remains on hand to provide us with her considerable experience and wisdom.


Our new Secretary is Mr Geoff Beston. Geoff is the ideal replacement for Lynne in stepping forward from being a Regional Secretary (WMAS) to picking up the National role and brings with him a vast wealth of archery and management experience.


Please welcome Geoff to the team. 


Geoff can be contacted at  secretary@englisharcheryfederation.org

10th March 2017


2017 English Target Championships


The 2017 EAF Target Championships will take place on the 5th August and form part of the 55th Cheshire Archery Association Weekend, hosted by Cheshire Archery Association and Neston Company of Archers. The venue is Wirral Rugby & Cricket Club, Thornton Common Road, Clatterbridge, Wirral. CH63 0LT


Further details will be available in due course on the Cheshire Archery association web site http://www.cheshirearchery.org/ 


Any club wishing to host the event in 2018 please contact the EAF Secretary. Organisers will need to know by October 2017.

5th March 2017


Entry form for the 6th English Clout Championships can be found on the Clout page.

15th February 2017


A short history of the EAF Field Championships by Peter Turner

Potted History of the EAF Field Champion[...]
Microsoft Word document [12.3 KB]

12th February 2017


Following the request for volunteer clubs to host the EAF Field Championships 2017 it has been agreed that Overton Black Arrows will provide the venue and organisation. The Event will take place on 8/9th July 2017 - Arrowhead/record status has been approved. No doubt further details will appear on the EAF and Overton Black Arrows websites in due course.


The EAF Chairman would like to thank those club officers and their committees who volunteered at short notice - Overton Black Arrows, Ballands Bowmen, DNAA Netherwitton, Northampton AC, Wrexham Bowmen

1st February 2017


2017 EAF Field Championships – Host required


To date we have no notification from any club volunteering to host the 2017 EAF Field Championships.

Any club, county or region who wishes to host this year’s championship should contact the Chairman at chairman@englisharcheryfederation.org at the earliest opportunity.


December 2016


2017 Commonwealth Archery Championships Europe ( & Euro Nations)


The EAF will be hosting the 2017 event in conjunction with RN South Coast Archers (RNSCA).

It will held at RCSCA ground, HMS Sultan, Gosport, Hampshire.



30th June p.m. - Official Practice

1st July -  Morning WA720 followed by afternoon mixed team H2H

2nd July - Morning open WA720 followed by individual H2H


More details to follow


website for RNSCA  http://www.rnsouthcoastarchers.co.uk 


Updates will be posted on the Senior Target Page when available.

December 2016


Results of the Senior Indoor Home nations Championships can be found on the Senior Target Page.

Photos in the Gallery - Photos by Malcolm Lewis

November 2016


New Cross Administrator appointed by the EAF.

The New Administrator is Andy Wilkinson (Yorkshire)

The forms have been updated and are available to download now.
Please delete any copies of the form you hold on your own computer and use the new forms and new address.
A huge thank you to Jane Burnham for running the scheme for the past seven years.
Any queries please email crosses@englisharcheryfederation.org 


October 2016


EAF Longbow Championship 2017


The entry form for the EAF Longbow Championships has now been added to the Longbow page. 



Team Selections Announcements


The team selection for the National Indoor Championships 2016 have been announced, Please go to the Senior and Junior Target pages for the full details.

Thank you to all who submitted their scores.



Score Submission Forms - Apologies for not being able to download them. They have been added to the website again and it has been tested to check that they can be downloaded. Thank you to those who contacted the webmaster to alert the EAF to the problem. Again apologies for them not downloading but the issue should now be resolved.

Deadlines for the submission of scores for the National Indoor Championships.

The deadline for the Junior National Indoor Championships  is 6pm on 3rd October 2016 and  3 Portsmouth record status scores should be submitted. Scores achieved during the time 1st October 2015 to 3rd October 2016 are valid.

The deadline for the Seniors is 6pm 10th October 2016 and 3 WA 18 record scores should be submitter. Scores achieved during the time 1st October 2015 to 10th October 2016 are valid

September 2016


Results for the English Archery Federation Target Championships 2016 - York


The results are now available in the Senior Target Section.



Score Submission Forms


There are new submission forms available in the Selection Criteria section that can be used for any tournament. 

August 2016


Cut-off dates for score submissions:


National Indoor Junior Home Nation Match - 1/10/15 to 3/10/16

National Indoor Senior Home Nation Match - 1/10/15 to 10/10/16


Score Submission Cut-off Dates for 2017:


Home Nations Match- Junior 31st March 2017

Home Nations Match - Senior 12th June 2017


Commonwealth Championships Europe - SENIOR ONLY - Tuesday 30th May - NB: 3 qualification scores based on WA720 rounds (Recurves shoot 70m and compounds shoot 50m for WA720)


Visit Selection Criteria for more details Selection Criteria



Winter Training at Eaton Manor - March 2017


The dates for the weekend of training at Eaton Manor has now been released. The winter training will take place on March 10th -12th 2017. 

If you would like to be considered for selection, please submit three WA720 scores(70m recurve/ 50m compund).There is a contribution cost of £140 for attending the weekend if you are selected. Scores are from the 2016 outdoor season.


The closing date for applications is midnight Saturday 28th January 2017.


For further details and an application form, please click on the link below.

EAF Winter Training Weekend at Eaton Manor March 2017
Application form and details
Eaton Manor Weekend March 2017.doc
Microsoft Word document [79.0 KB]

EAF Autumn Meeting and AGM


For further details please see the attached document


EAF Autumn Meeting and AGM details
Autumn Meeting And AGM Notice.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [102.1 KB]

EAF English and Open Longbow Championships 2016


The results for the EAF English and Open Championships are available on the Longbow page.

July 2016


Congratulations Lizzie!


Lizzie Warner's success continues from Samoa, recently taking Silver at the Junior Europa Cup in Bucharest. She has also been selected by the BOA to travel to Rio along with the GB team as part of the Ambition Programme.For further details, please use the link to the AGB website. 

July 2016


Senior Team announced for the Home Nations 2016


See Senior Target Page

19th June 2016

Results for the All British and Open Field Archery Championships 2016


See Field Archery Page

6th June 2016

Team announced for the 2016 Senior All British and Open Field Championships


See Field Archery Page



Team announced for the 2016 Senior Commonwealth Europe/Euronations


See Senior Target Page 

April 2016


Team announced for the Junior Home Nation Match to be held at Lilleshall in July.


See Junior Target Page

8th April 2016


Results of the English Field Championships in 2016 that were held on the 2nd & 3rd April 2016 hosted by Kendal Bowmen.


See Field Page

2nd March 2016

New submission forms for 2016 added

1st March 2016


Selection Criteria/Updated FAQ's & Team Selection Cut off Dates added for Outdoor target season 2016

28th November 2015


At the 7th of  November Committee meeting, Lizzie Warner gave a short presentation about her and Joe's time in Samoa at the Commonwealth Youth Games.  Lizzie and Joe had signed the poster, had it framed, and presented it to the Committee as a thank you for all the support that the EAF gave to them throughout their experience.



10th September 2015


Congratulations to Lizzie Warner on being the Silver Medallist in her category and a bronze in the mixed team.


Lizzie Warner said: “I’m over the moon with the result at winning a Commonwealth Silver medal, I couldn’t have wished for anything better! I’m proud to have represented my country at these Games and bring a medal home for Team England.”


Joe Ground made it through to the quarter finals


More details to follow when available

1st June 2015


New limited edition badge for the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa


See shop for details

30th May 2015
A note from Joe Ground on being selected to represent England
at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa
I started archery just before my tenth birthday after enjoying a have-a-go session at a village fete, I then started a beginners course and joined Thorpe Hamlet Juniors. I won my first National Championships at the age of ten and since then I have won four more national championships and I have claimed four national records. Last year was my most successful so far, I represented Great Britain on three occasions, the European Youth Championships in Ljbubliana, Slovenia, where I won gold with the cadet men team, the Europa Cup final in Moscow, Russia where we won gold again and the International Archery Festa in Seoul, South Korea.
My overall ambition is to represent Great Britain at the Olympics and to win an Olympic Gold Medal.
Being selected to compete for Team England at Samoa is a great achievement for me, and I am really excited to be given this opportunity. I am also looking forward to competing at a multi-sport event and watching other top athletes in their respective sports.
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